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What A Great Branding Campaign Looks Like?

You plan to start a branding campaign, you wish for a high consumer reach and higher consumer reaction to your campaign?

Of course yes.

Everyone does, after all that’s what you start a campaign for. But as soon as to decide so all that you are suggested with is, “be creative, think new and think extra ordinary”.

That’s a pretty wise suggestion. Among hundreds of branding campaigns running to influence the target audience, it’s your creativity and imagination that makes you the polestar of the dark sky, makes your brand stand out.

But how to you be creative, how do you come up with something new and extraordinary and how do you make your brand stand out?

Well, I can’t make you think creative or be imaginative, but I can help you with certain tips that may assist you in planning your successful campaign. Let’s check them out.

Be a story teller: let your campaign run through any medium, be a story teller in speaking out. Tell them a story that hits on anyone or more of their emotions. Be it empathetic, funny or motivational. The emotions you use in writing your copy, will decide how your customers will connect to your brand.

For example, consider the ongoing social media campaign by Parle-G, #youaremyParle-G that makes use of varied emotions that show relationships and help people connect to the brand by relating to it.

Think ahead of time: The customers these days are more future oriented, and the advertising is focused at the customers. So, while planning your campaign make sure to keep an eye on the future and write something that is relevant at the time your campaign is publicized.

Visualize your brand vision: An ad campaign is not just promoting your brand values but also your brand vision. The latest ad campaign #kiskabaja by Xeomi India is the best example of it. Use of the element of humor, to highlight their brand vision of a Xeomi in every pocket, is worth remembering, by every individual who sees that, just as I did. In simple words, visualize and let our audience visualize and realize your big idea for your brand.

Something that sits better with the audience: Remember that the audience does not want to see your ad when they have hundred others and you are one in the crowd. So, don’t just inform them, rather chat with them through your campaign. Refer the cosmetic brand L’Oreal’s campaign #onlyinsalon for example, that speaks about what every single customer down there feels about hair coloring, which is sufficient to bring the customers to the L’Oreal salon.

Give a solution to their problem: The customers will feel connected to your campaign not just when you identify their problem, but also give a solution to it. Make their problem solving a fun, something they could have never imagined.

Taglines do work: “Jo bivi se karee pyaar, vo prestige se kese karee inkar”

“Kya chal raha he- Fogg chal raha he”.

You may think of them as lame, or impractical, but at the end of the day, it is these unusual taglines, that people remember for years and in fact start using it in their regular conversations, doubling your brand awareness.

These are some of the known yet underestimated factors of a worth remembering campaign. Test them through any campaign you remember and you will find them there. So, what are you waiting for, work out your campaign on these factors and be known.

Source by Saheb Singh

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