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How did we get in touch

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we met Mr.Amila while he was looking for a learning management system. his idea was to build his website simple and easy to use. so, team Xtream Union joined hands with him.

Why we used this design

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when designing the website our team was mainly focusing on creating the website as unique and simple as possible for the users to surf on the site. we also managed to keep the simplicity all over the website even from the admin’s side.

What security measures did we take

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Our client wanted security and not to give access to share his videos. our team worked to fine-tune his needs and we gave him the best and the most cost-effective solution. we also shared our knowledge with him to make sure his content is safe.

How we made the product good for our client

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as our client is a teacher we have designed his LMS to make sure it is user-friendly for him even if he is busy with the students.

Have any project in your mind?

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